Biofeet is a company devoted to improving health and providing physical well being for beneficial effects from everyday conditions such as upper and lower extremity braces, therapy supports, walking aids, and durable medical equipment. Our mission is to providing our customers with superior products, education and services which improve quality of life. Our pledge is to provide innovative products that are durable, lightweight and adjustable. We have built our reputation not o
nly on quality products, but also on strong customer service, solid personal relationships, and training programs, we are continually improving quality for our customer base. we are a company that sees the customer's needs as our first priority.

Biofeet represents some of the most recognized manufacturers in the world of orthopedic supports and durable medical equipment. Thousands of satisfied customers all over the country have used Biofeet and all the services we offer. Even though we provide technical assistance, as product dealers, we cannot recommend or advise people which type of Supports to purchase for their medical condition. Please consult with your health care professional to determine which product is best for you.